Helping journalists create interactive videos

KettleCorn is a customized version of Mozilla Popcorn Maker, tailored to the needs of journalists. Quickly synchronize text, photos, maps and wikipedia articles with audio or video.

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Here are a few of our favorite enhancements

Quickly subtitle videos

We’ve created a plugin to help subtitle a single quotation or an entire video (with a Google Spreadsheet).

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Synchronize maps with video

Combine Google Spreadsheets with Google Maps to create a walking tour.

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Improved RTL support

All KettleCorn plugins support right-to-left text, to correctly display languages like Arabic, Urdu and Hebrew.

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Easily add lower third titles

Journalists can quickly create clean, consistent lower third titles.

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Remix and translate projects

Use Bing Translator to machine translate individual snippets while preserving the original text for editing.

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Advanced editing features

We've added a WYSIWYG textarea, customizable track names, undo/redo of actions, and copy/paste events.

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